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Growth and Lactation

This course teaches the principles of animal growth and lactation. The lactation portion of the course covers the evolution of the mammary gland and lactation, anatomy and development of the mammary gland, the endocrine control of mammary growth and lactation, and the biochemical processes involved in milk synthesis. The growth portion of the course covers the hormonal, nutritional, and metabolic control of bone, muscle, and adipose tissue development. 

Environmental Physiology

In this course, students delve into the primary and secondary literature to explore the interaction between animals and their physical, social, and chemical environments. This course will take an integrative approach, through which students will learn how animals cope with challenging and changing environments, from the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved to the organismal impacts and production implications. Main threads interwoven throughout the course include stress physiology, environmental control of gene expression, and acclimation and adaptation.

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