Growth and Lactation

University of Idaho

This course teaches the principles of animal growth and lactation. The lactation portion of the course covers the evolution of the mammary gland and lactation, anatomy and development of the mammary gland, the endocrine control of mammary growth and lactation, and the biochemical processes involved in milk synthesis. The growth portion of the course covers the hormonal, nutritional, and metabolic control of bone, muscle, and adipose tissue development. 

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Physiology of the Mammary Gland and Lactation

University of Florida

This course provides insights into the endocrinology and physiology of one of the defining characteristics of mammals: the mammary gland and lactation. Focuses on the anatomy and development of the mammary gland with an overview of the biochemical, cellular, and molecular processes controlling lactation, with an emphasis on livestock species. Undergraduate and graduate course.  

Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II

Auburn University

Study of the structure and function of the human body including tissues, muscle, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, and immune systems. Undergraduate course. 

Human Evolutionary Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Harvard University

This course explores human anatomy and physiology from an integrated framework, combining functional, comparative, and evolutionary perspectives on how organisms work. Major topics, which follow a life-course framework, include embryogenesis, metabolism and energetics, growth and development, movement and locomotion, food and digestion, stress and disease, and reproduction. Also considered is the relevance of human biology to contemporary issues in human health and biology. Undergraduate course.

Mammalian Physiology Lab

Auburn University

This course is a discussion of membrane physiology, muscle physiology, neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, renal physiology, respiratory physiology, endocrinology, and digestive physiology. Mammalian physiology includes a general overview of the function of the major systems in animals, including evolution and adaptation to specific environments. Undergraduate and graduate course.

Biostatistics Lab

Juniata College

This course deals centrally with quantitative and statistical methodology in the biological sciences. It includes experimental design and the conventions of generating, analyzing, interpreting and presenting biological data. Undergraduate course.

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